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Municipal Disaster Consultants, Inc.

Discover Our Expertise

Strategic Planning

Maximize Your Recovery Funds and Mitigate Future Damage

Municipal Disaster Consultants, Inc. helps solve the critical issues facing our clients after a disaster.  For each project, our experienced staff accurately and comprehensively assesses all eligible damage and considers  all  recovery resources including potential insurance claims.  We then develop project based solutions that include mitigation opportunities and takes into account our client's mission and long term goals.

Data on a Touch Pad

Project Development and Procurement

Repair and Restore Your Community

Project planning and development can affect funding approvals and procurement protocols can impact reimbursements. We assist with project planning and procurement when hiring subcontractors including engineers and architects.  Our technical expertise helps our clients secure project approvals and preserve funding allocations.

Our clients include: local government entities, public utilities, rail system organizations, housing and public health authorities, educational facilities, medical facilities and private not-for-profit organizations. 

New York Sea Port

FEMA Grants Management and Closeout

Achieve Your Goals

Disasters are chaotic and the recovery process demands significant financial and staff resources.  Federal disaster assistance is governed by technical guidelines and protocols, often organizations are unable to manage their recovery because they do not have the expertise or staff capacity required to successfully navigate the process. 

We provide our clients with experienced consultants to help them make informed decisions and assist with maintaining detailed records  to achieve a clean close-out. 


Team Discussion


Expert Guidance

With years of experience, our staff has the capability and expertise to ensure the best recovery plan possible.  We help you understand the approvals process and funding allocations.  We marshal a team of professionals that work directly for your organization.  This model allows our clients to access a superior level of technical expertise that is specific to their situation.

Municipal Disaster Consultants, Inc. does not work for FEMA and therefore, we believe that we can provide exceptional and unbiased service.  

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