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Mitigation is defined as any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate loss of life or property from the effects of natural hazards thereby reducing the demand for post-disaster investments and disrupting the repetitive disaster cycle.

FEMA funds mitigation projects under both the 406 and 404 sections of the Stafford Act.

PA 406 Mitigation

  • Funds improvements to damaged elements of public facilities whose repairs are funded through PA,

  • Mitigation costs are included in the obligated project grant and not capped by a formula. (If rebuilding a damaged structure is required and approved and the new design incorporates mitigation requirements, it is included in the project costs.)

  • Grants are funded at PA cost share for the specific disaster (either 75/25 or 90/10 depending on the disaster)

HMPG 404 Mitigation

  • HMPG funding is capped and NOT limited to public facilities damaged during the declared disaster

  • Funding is competitive statewide and not guaranteed

  • Funds are limited using a formula based on the total damage calculation for a particular disaster. (If the total disaster damage estimate is $100M then a percentage of that will be made available to the State and likely offered to localities through a competitive grant process.)

  • Projects are selected based on local priorities and funded at 75/25 non-federal cost share