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FEMA Public Assistance Program

The Public Assistance program aids State, Tribal and local governments and certain types of private non-profit organizations so that communities can quickly respond to and recover from major disasters or emergencies declared by the President.

The PA program provides supplemental federal disaster grant assistance for:

  • Debris removal

  • Emergency protective measures

  • Repair, replacement, or restoration of disaster-damaged publicly owned facilities and the facilities of certain private non-profit organizations

  • Mitigation (also known as the 406 program) that encourages protection of these damaged facilities from future events

Funding Information

The funding share for assistance is not less than 75% of the eligible cost of emergency measures and permanent restoration of damage due to the disaster. The grantee (usually the State) determines how the non-Federal share (up to 25%) is split with the sub-grantees (eligible applicants).

Applicant Information

The PA program assistance is limited to public facilities therefore eligible applicants are limited to units of government and certain private non-profit organizations.

Time Frame and Deadlines

FEMA requires that all PA Project Worksheets be approved and submitted within 6-12 months of a disaster declaration. In some cases, all damage must be identified within 60 days of the declaration date.

Accurately identifying and quantifying damage can help preserve future funding.

The dollar value of claims identified through the Individual Assistance and Public Assistance programs serves as a partial basis for the calculation for the total grants available through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery programs.